How To Blog!

Hi Shriya!!! Here's how to make a blog post. First go to Blog Posts => add blog posts.

You will need to add a Title, Excerpt, Visibility Date, and Featured image.

Leave the tab open!!

After that's saved, in a new tab go to the theme customizer and open the dropdown up top, and go to Blog Posts => Create template.

Name it something related to the your blog post title, and leave it based on Default template when prompted.

Then go back to your blog post on the first tab, and refresh it. At the bottom, find the Theme Template dropdown and set it to the template you just created.

Then you're good to go!!!

To get going with the fun stuff, go BACK to the customizer and type the name of the blog post in the search bar/dropdown up top:

Click your blog post and you're finally good to go!!

The customizer will show a bunch of settings on the left. The way you will edit content for your blog posts is by clicking "Article Content", and then "Add block". The blocks are the different components I built that you can create/edit/drag and drop drop to your liking. Here they are!!!